Planting & Turf Laying Services

Achieve a flawless landscape with our planting and grass laying expertise

Turf installation and planting are usually the final key pieces that go into any scale of landscaping project. Failure to carry out adequate turfing and planting could see your project falter at the last hurdle, and the green grass you envisioned never fully come to fruition. At Earthscape Industries, we are expert providers of turf laying and planting services, so if you’re ever in doubt, our team of professionals are happy to step-in and take over.

Planting perfection across residential, commercial, and public space projects

When considering a landscape installation, the choice of plant and turf varieties is something that should always to be taken into account. Factors like weather conditions, the amount of natural light avaialble, and soil quality can vary greatly from one property to the next, and plants should be matched so that they are easy to maintain and will lead a healthy existence in your part of the world.

As part of our comprehensive planting services, Earthscape Industries can provide guidance on the correct plant varieties that should be incorporated into your landscape or garden, as well as assist with their placements before finally carrying out the installation of your greenery. By entrusting your planting service requirements to our expert team, you can be guaranteed a healthy, thriving garden. 

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Enlist our horticultural expertise

If horticultural matchmaking isn’t your forte, put your trust in our team to oversee the perfect fusion of greenery with your ground conditions.


Let us lay down a lawn that flourishes from season to season

At Earthscape Industries we offer end-to-end turf installation services that includes existing turf removal, site preparation, and grass laying. As one of Sydney’s leading landscaping companies, we have the skills and experience to deliver a flawless turf installation and can cater to large residential and commerical properties, including those with non-traditonal layouts and varied ground conditions.  After turf laying has been completed, it is critical to the success and survival of your lawn that it receives the correct level of aftercare to ensure it becomes firmly established in your soil. If you’re worried about being left to fend for yourself after the turf installation, don’t be, our team will provide you with all the knowledge you require to comfortably see your lawn through these early stages, and will happily provide advice along the way should you encounter any issues.